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Jun 13, 2019

Last week I had Carol Steindler on TheBoxingBar for an interview. Carol is the daughter of, Howie Steindler, who owned the legendary Main Street Gym in Los Angeles. The Main Street Gym was shot in over 100 movies and television shows including the first few original Rocky movies as the interior of "Mick’s Gym". Burgess Meredith studied Mr. Steindler for his character as Rocky’s trainer, Mickey Goldmill, for the films. In March 1977, Steindler was found dead in the backseat of his own car on the side of the Ventura Freeway not too far from his home in Encino. The murder remains unsolved. His funeral included top stars of the boxing world, celebrities, and a eulogy by his friend of his youth years and boxing great, “Sugar” Ray Robinson. Carol took over the gym after her father’s passing and ran it until it was closed down in 1984. She is the presenter of the "Howie Steindler Award" every year at the National Boxing Hall of Fame inductions. In this interview we talked about her father, his untimely death, the Main Street Gym, and everything in between.

Interview Date - 6/4/2019